10 Best Children’s Books (age 2-8)

My top ten favorite books 

Mom says:  “This book is fun to read to my little girl.  The rhymes are fun and whimsical!  I think it actually got her to eat her vegetables.”

Dad says:  “This is a book I read as a kid and even though a lot of people throughout history have tried to make it about politics, it’s just about a good book about a bull who likes to sit under a tree and I can get behind that.”

Mom says:  “This book rocks!  Who doesn’t love tacos?  Kids can easily associate with cute fire breathing dragons and tasty tacos.  Add a time machine and you and your little one are in for a fun ride.”  (Her grumpy face doesn’t denote how much she likes this book, she was in a serious mood when opening her birthday gifts, haha)

Mom says:  “It’s just too cute.  I didnt even know my daughter had seen the cartoon until my daughter started telling me while we were reading, all the cool adventures Moose and friends were having.  The book is a little educational even teaching kids how to understand the order of things from front to back.”

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