April 18, 2014

POTUS Announce new milestone in ACA/Obamacare

The President announced this week that the 8m enrollment number has been reached in the ACA implementation. Maybe the President will start calling it Obamacare again […]
April 17, 2014

2016 POTUS Contenders: More of the Same?

On the subject of the 2016 Presidential Election: the GOP, hand in hand with several polls are working towards pushing very moderate candidates in the media. […]
April 15, 2014

POTUS Reserves a Moment of Silence in Remembrance: Boston 2013

POTUS has plans to observe a moment of silence in honor of victims of the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings. 2:49 p.m EST, the moment […]
April 11, 2014

POTUS NEWS: Obama tribute to Sebelius

Obama clearly wants out of the blame game for the Obamacare Rollout. Consider your Poker hand played Mr. President. Kathleen Sebelius will now get a cushy […]