Stephen Colbert is the Newest Late Night Host

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April 11, 2014
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April 11, 2014

Stephen Colbert will take over for David Letterman on “The Late Show”. This is probably a huge sigh of relief for CBS executives, as I cannot imagine that the audience is doing so well for that show in that slot. With the recent hiring of “yet another Jimmy” in the late night arena, it was just about time that CBS spruced up their offering.

David Letterman announced he would be retiring: “in 2015 sometime”. Colbert has had a “hit” show on Comedy Central since 2005 (The Colbert Show) and is perhaps the most legitimately funny candidate for the replacement of Letterman, who, if you actually have a sense of humor, hasn’t been funny since the 1970’s.

Wait, what’s this: a Conservative who thinks the commie, leftie Colbert is funny?

Humor doesn’t have a party line, though, one could say it’s humorous how the Left argues a vast majority of their points, and even funnier still how the Right can’t keep their mouth’s shut in obviously “baited” scenarios. Sure, I lean towards the right, but funny is funny.

Besides, Colbert doesn’t try to ALWAYS harpoon the right, and politics is a funny game. I’m just glad there is someone worth DVR’ing on late night finally.

While I don’t personally agree with many of Colbert’s political or religious views (or should I say those he portrays on his show), I do agree that he gets it right a lot of the time; even when he doesn’t it’s still entertaining. I can poke fun at some of the same people I tend to vote with and not feel dubious about the act.

I can say this though: I hope Colbert maintains some semblance of balance in his late night show, although, I assume it will have an acute political slant. For example, I would imagine he will take great pains to throw a political quip in the face of a celebrity or author whenever he has the chance, even if they happen to be talking about the newest action Movie.

Just like I was OK with Leno making jokes about pretty much every political gaffe, I HOPE Colbert keeps his team of writers and adds a token Right-winger to the mix to keep it interesting. There are only SO MANY sordid celebrity PR campaigns I can take before I get disinterested, whereas politics is pretty much always interesting.

This is an interesting situation because several news outlets have reported that Colbert will NOT BE maintaining character as per his “Colbert Show” persona. Is he going to have any of this much needed balance in the new gig?

What will Comedy Central do for replacing him? Is John Stewart mad that he wasn’t chosen?

All good questions that I lost interest in, within seconds of actually asking them.

As the consummate showman, Colbert tweeted this the day of the news:  “Let’s see…what to tweet about, what to tweet about? I got nothing. What’s new with you?” A classy way to pat oneself on the back, no doubt. You just can’t not like Stephen Colbert.

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