POTUS and VP Promoting New Job Skills Platform

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April 15, 2014
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April 17, 2014

POTUS and VEEP announcing today, a program to increase funding for Job Skills Training to the tune of around $600million.

President Obama speaks today at a Pennsylvania Community College to promote the program which will include around $500m for a competition that improves local business’ and Community College’s relationships. The other $100m or so will be apportioned for the creation of new apprenticeship programs which will directly impact worker’s skills.

At a glance, it appears that the money is unbalanced as it is apportioned. In theory, one would expect to see the opposite in regards to which part of the program gets which pot of money. But it’s not that bad. It’s something, where before there was nothing (perhaps a little like the money the Government borrowed to fund this project-but I digress).

The 500m will likely be used to promote the process to businesses that can, if handled properly, then, build lasting relationships with the community colleges.

Some would say it’s a bit like throwing good money after bad, as these businesses would likely already have relationships with the college campuses if they regarded the talent they could acquire (in human capital) highly enough already. But in the grand scheme of things: there are plenty of local and regional businesses that could benefit from this program.

How much good, 500m worth of advertising, job-fair-like events and handouts for corporate visitors, will do across a nation as big as the United States, is anyone’s guess.

But POTUS sure believes it will win him a few points in the polls to the positive.

100m to apprenticeship programs is a drop in the bucket. That money won’t go very far. Especially since most of the proposed “apprenticeship programs” are to be developed using the technology sector as a compass. What’s that mean? High-tech apprenticeships. Joe Biden and Barack Obama are making it clear that the administration wants the overseas job exodus in the tech sector to stop. They think this is the logical next step.

I’m not going to judge the program prematurely. Though, it’s going to take a lot more than 600m to convince today’s college students to BOTH, get a degree in high-tech AND work for the same money that most American Corporations are paying employees in India, the Philippines and China, etc.

The kicker: this entire program is built on the premise (obtained from a single study, years old) that more than 85% of apprentices get employment after training is complete. I guess we’ll see if the Obama administration and specifically POTUS himself got this one right.

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