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April 11, 2014
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April 11, 2014

Obama clearly wants out of the blame game for the Obamacare Rollout. Consider your Poker hand played Mr. President.

Kathleen Sebelius will now get a cushy private sector job as a lobbyist, consultant or campaign guru, as she exits the Health and Human Services Secretary Position. She will likely not get another political post. Perhaps this was a well executed exit plan. Most likely not. Maybe, some would say, with all the issues and blame being thrown at Sebelius, this post was payback for some atrocious wrong that she had done to the President, or perhaps the world.

Either way, President Obama is not letting even the slightest hint of dissatisfaction be known about the departure. In fact, it’s an excellent way to diffuse some of the additional scrutiny about to be heaped upon POTUS in the coming weeks. Surely Fox news and Drudge Report, et al is just chomping at the bit for any new numbers that have been manipulated to show “progress” with the Obamacare situation.

Right, Left, Center; we can all admit there are serious deficiencies with the “Affordable Care Act” and the accompanying regulations, platforms and politics. After all, 7 million subscribers, or whatever ridiculously slanted number we’ve been fed this week means NOTHING, if you’ve only got 47 of them paying premiums. Not 47 percent. 47. An exaggeration yes, but not TOO far exaggerated.

I have a feeling that Barack Obama’s commentary (that Sebelius)”Turned the corner, got it fixed, got the job done” (regarding the rollout disaster and signup momentum) will be a bit like George W. Bush’s Victory Lap speech involving a S-3 Viking Jet, an Aircraft carrier (the USS Abraham Lincoln) and a massive banner stating: “Mission Accomplished”.

It’s a bit premature Mr. President.

Saying that Sebelius “got it fixed” is about like saying: Putin doesn’t want Georgia or the Ukraine back under the umbrella. It lacks credibility. I would imagine this is the case to even the Presidents partisan supporters. Sure no one on the far left is going to come out and admit defeat, but not a lot of them are touting the success of Obamacare either.

This is not about Left vs. Right politics though. This is about a bad leader in a position well above her capabilities, put there without enough experience int he first place. In all honesty, this is probably less about Sebelius being unable to produce than it is about the ACA being able to do what it was introduced to do. That is, if in fact the ACA was built to help the uninsured get insurance and build a more secure health system (as opposed to the eventual forcing a single payor system onto Americans as a fix to a problem caused by the ACA).

Simply put: This speech in the Rose Garden is a token from Mr. Obama to Sebelius and nothing more. There are still problems with the ACA. There is still going to be a ridiculous scenario with the newest nominee for the HHS position. There are still going to be partisan politics instead of solutions being worked on.

I like the idea that we want to take care of our sick. I don’t think the way to do it is borrowing more money from China, or QE from the FED. What needs to happen, is Obama needs to nominate a middle ground HHS secretary (which is not the case with the proposed replacement Sylvia Matthews Burwell), and both sides in the Senate and the House need to come together to actually solve some problems.

Until this Kabuki theater show is stopped, and we are all sitting at the table talking about our mutual pain spots, we aren’t going to solve anything.

Mr. President: please stop posturing; it’s going against your credibility.

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