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April 11, 2014
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April 11, 2014

Hillary Clinton is running for President in 2016. You heard it here first (?)

I guess if I’m wrong and Mrs. Clinton doesn’t announce this in the next year or so, I will admit my mistake, but Hillary 2016 is going to be on the bumper of all the eco-friendly cars you can find; within the next 6 months most likely. That’s not a jab at eco-friendly cars (maybe it’s a jab at media bias for Global Warming, but nothing more); my personal car is quite eco-friendly.

Either way, I don’t particularly want Hillary Clinton running for President.

Here’s why (more on the shoe dodging later):

I can’t find a single thing that is recognized by everyone as a major accomplishment for Hillary Clinton as a politician. Sure, she was just fine as the FLOTUS and she can deliver pretty good speeches, but I want to know where the substance is. Hilary Clinton, I’m pretty sure is a decent human being and there was never a whole lot of proof (that could be independently verified) that she has done anything overtly illegal. She’s a powerful woman that remains powerful even in light of the fact that many of the ideas she championed and the progressive ideals she helped construct have fallen flat.

What scares me is this: Hillary Clinton doesn’t become president in 2020, or 2024. That’s a fact. There is a narrow window of time with which she can leapfrog to the White House for a second time, before the Benghazi scandal, or her husband’s loose behavior around women, or her lack of specific accomplishments catches up to her.

If Hilary runs in 2016, she wins. Especially if she runs against Jeb Bush. A Clinton beats a Bush all day long. I personally would rather vote for Hillary Clinton than Jeb Bush, and I lean to the Right. Well, suffice it to say, I’m not voting for either of those candidates. Too many people are in love with both the Clintons, or have been told to hate the Ted Cruz’ of the world.

It would be more of the same if either were to run. Essentially, to me, it seems both parties are one in the same when it comes to policy, differing only very slightly on rhetoric. The only viable candidate for change is likely a guy like Rand Paul with a running mate of Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal, or if the GOP can find a Woman as smart sounding and hard nosed as Hillary. Such Women do exist in the GOP corner, but I’m hesitant to name one at the moment. That last one won’t be easy: every Female that has any chance of outshining Hillary will be bombarded by the Progressives as soon as the name is leaked out.

So my earlier sentence: “It would be more of the same if either were to run”; it has some truth to it. I think many people, left, right and center are tired of the stagnancy. ANY change would be better than no change in many people’s minds. That isn’t true, but it’s beyond the scope of this post.

Perhaps that is why Hillary Clinton had a shoe thrown at her.

Inevitably some MSNBC pundit will outright accuse the “thrower” of being a far right extremist. Maybe the papers that accompanied the shoe with references to Che Guevarra were staged to make it look like a far leftist threw the shoe. Maybe, GASP, a far leftist DID throw the shoe. Not everyone agrees with the lack of real responsibility on behalf of the lawmakers, Mrs. Clinton included.

It was a good publicity stunt either way, for all involved. Heck, even the secret service oversight agent got to stick a word in, adding more weight to the idea that the Secret Service is ramping up for the protection of the former First Lady.

Even though I don’t agree with perhaps more than 5% of what Mrs. Clinton believes in, there has been only a single moment where I actually was disgusted by her. Benghazi hearing: “What difference does it make?”, and even then it was more pitiful than it was disgusting to me. In most other situations, I generally don’t dislike Mrs. Clinton. It’s a good thing I don’t vote based on who I like, and rather on who is going to be best suited for the position, when it comes to politics.

Perhaps I’m in the minority though. I think many of my generation and younger DO IN FACT vote based on who is more likable. Which is Why Mrs. Clinton has a legitimate shot at winning.

Here’s my playbook for anyone who doesn’t want to run against Hillary Clinton in 2016:

1. find whatever dirt you have on her and convince all those media people who “owe you one”, that NOW is the time to allow you to call in your favors.

1a. Cross fingers and hope Mrs. Clinton drops out before a primary

2. See the first recommended play.

Either way, if Hillary Clinton grabs momentum, you will lose GOP. (Not that I particularly care if the GOP loses another election) But it’s important  to note that whoever runs against Hillary will not have an easy battle. If you’re a female running against her, you will be hammered on Abortion/Choice. If you’re a Man, it will be the “War on Women”. Either way, most people, men included have very little bad to say about Hillary Clinton. We can only hope that the youngest voting generation uses their heads in voting for the next President of the United States because a popularity contest is not going to fix the issues we are facing currently. That’s not to say a woman President can’t fix the problems, simply that a Progressive that’s already well ensconced in the establishment of D.C. isn’t the Woman who can.

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