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April 17, 2014
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April 18, 2014

The President announced this week that the 8m enrollment number has been reached in the ACA implementation.

Maybe the President will start calling it Obamacare again soon. After all, by every metric the White House has set for the fledgling little legislation, purportedly it has outperformed. Well, at least this week it’s “doing well”.

Let’s address the elephant in the room though: how many of those 8 million subscribers are contributing to the plan in actual dollars? How many of those included on the plan were a net positive for the program architecture. Likely not many.

Now, it’s important to clarify: I personally don’t have an issue providing guaranteed issue programs to those who didn’t have access to healthcare. I’m not in support of the means by which we have “accomplished this task”. The best way is certainly not to borrow money from outside entities to handle a problem that could have possibly been solved by the normal “liquidity” of the fiscal base.

I didn’t say it would be easy, I only said it could have been handled much better.

The absurd planning and implementation of the ACA/Obamacare isn’t just skin deep. In fact it’s like an iceberg: you’re seeing a bit of the tip in the distance, little do you know that you’ll soon be bailing out water from your engine room. It’s a failure waiting to happen. Yes, I said waiting to happen. As yet, even with all the issues it has faced, we’ve only seen the beginning of the failures. It’s now just a matter of how long they can prop it up before it crumbles.

Because it’s beyond the scope of the post: back to the announcement at the White House.

I don’t know who Mr. Obama is trying to impress or persuade with these constant updates. 8 million enrollees is just a ton of people we are paying more money for. Morally, it makes you feel good, until you see the bill and the reverberation that comes as a result of that bill.

So Thursday POTUS made a declaration that “This thing is working” referring to the ACA. Citing a 35% (under 35 year old) enrollment share, it wasn’t mentioned whether these under 35’s were paying customers at the level needed to meet built in economics.

The bottom line isn’t that Obamacare can’t work, it’s that it hasn’t yet. From the one side, more enrollees is a promising progression. From the other hand, if those enrollees aren’t paying for coverage at the right amount, the enrollees aren’t promoting the health of the system itself.

Time will tell if Obamacare can be a success, but for the time being, the President and most of the media is licking their wounds from the botched rollout on the back of this interesting enrollment data. For now, it’s a PR win for the Administration and the White House isn’t going to let that go without a bit of fanfare.

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