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April 10, 2014
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April 11, 2014

Pope Francis has just taken another step towards proving he was the right Man the Catholic Church needed and that he’s not what many people outside the Catholic Church feared he would be.

Remember that scene in Pulp Fiction where they’re driving in the car and Vincent is holding the single action 1911 over the seat edge and cordially asks Marvin (their captive) a question? The car hits a pothole and Vincent shoots Marvin in the face. And then Quentin Tarantino, in perfect Tarantino style, trivializes it by having Vincent say “I didn’t mean to shoot him”, and the two thugs are more concerned about having blood in their car than that Marvin doesn’t have a life anymore. Remember they call Jimmy (Tarantino as a cameo), and Jimmy calls the Wolf (Harvey Keitel)?

Ok, bear with me here:

Vincent is the accused child molester that hurts the child. Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) is the higher up that doesn’t react too harshly when it happens. Jimmy is the Council of Archbishops. You know where I’m going with this…and yes…I went there. The Wolf is Pope Francis. He pulls no punches, he gets the car cleaned, he makes sure that everyone comes out looking and feeling better and he cleans up all the potential future problems. He provides excellent leadership to ensure that the legacy of the people involved is kept intact and despite there being a child robber of something very important, he realizes he cannot undo the past and seeks to move forward.

It’s brutally honest and brutally efficient and sorely needed for the Catholic Church.

Don’t misinterpret: I’m not saying the Catholic Church is a bunch of drug gang thugs and the Pope is a paid fixer. I’m saying there’s a bad situation, the Church had it’s back up against the wall and none of the people involved prior to now have done anything about the problem. Pope Francis is cleaning up the problem.

Critics say it’s a lot of talk and that most of this “activity” is just aimed at protecting the Church’s Image and maintaining a legacy for those who come into the situation without overtly direct complicity. Sure, there is some truth to that, but when was the last time you hd a Pope call out the “complicit bishops” and “evil clergy who hurt innocent children”. That’s right, it doesn’t happen often.

Here’s a guy who they said would be different. Here’s a guy who they said would have trouble breaching the communication gap caused by his language barrier. Here’s a guy who many didn’t know what to think about. Here’s the guy that’s finally returning some of the “credibility” to the leadership of the Catholic Church.

I put the word credibility in quotation marks because if you aren’t a believer in the precepts of the Catholic Church, it’s going to be hard to convince you that they ever had any credibility. At the same time, this is one of the largest conglomerates of people on the planet: the Catholics.

This Pope is doing what should have been done after the first Church scandal but wasn’t. Pope Francis is saying what needs to be said and never was. If he wants to build credibility he has taken the first step. From an outsider looking in, this is the type of thing I want to see on the long road to recovery for those involved with this situation. What happened to those innocent children IS EVIL, it IS WRONG, IT DOES need to be acknowledged, and yes, the Church has lost face on it.

Sure, he probably is feeling pressure from both sides on this, and he has the moral fortitude to step up and admit wrongdoing by people who otherwise would have skated by.

I am proud of Pope Francis, even though I am not a Catholic. I am praying for those children affected by those bad men, that they might be able to recover to some level of happiness and comfort. I am glad to finally hear an organization that has essentially been above the law for so long, admit that they allowed something very bad to happen, and they are doing what they can to avoid it in the future.

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