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April 18, 2014
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November 13, 2014

In a speech delivered earlier in the week on Harvard’s campus, a counter-terrorism advisor for the DHS and the White House touched on ways “parents can prevent terrorism”. Specifically, that watchful parents who catch on to “sudden personality changes in children”, could help prevent violent extremism domestically.

Well. That solves a huge problem we are having. Suppose for a second that we implement this OBVIOUSLY SOUND advice and turn in all of our children who have beliefs that we think the opposite of where they should be. After all, we can’t tolerate different views or personal expression. Certainly we can’t tolerate speaking up against the Government. Forget about the First Amendment. Forget that we have a duty to keep our Government in check. By the People, For the People, yadda yadda. Forget that our prisons are all full. End sarcasm.

Does anyone remember that the Constitution of the United States of America is a document that is built to espouse the principles and desires of the People for liberty. Does no one remember that this document was built to regulate Government. Does no one read the wording in the Constitution and Bill of Rights: “We the People…”; “Shall not be infringed”; “insure domestic tranquility” (avoid revolution against government).

This Constitution is our Constitution. A constitution is a state of presence. A constitution is a mantra. The Constitution in its written form is the demand by the people to the Government, for the rights they would fight for. It is a declaration to the Government to not attempt to take away these rights. Or else.

It’s absurd that a Government representative would attempt to spin a normal and healthy progression for a child learning their way in the world, into some sort of potential grenade. Sure, we see problems with people going crazy and doing things that endanger people. But I can say this: there is an equal amount of damage potential, if not more by coalescing behind ridiculous ideologies that threaten to erode our natural rights, just because someone with a title told you it make sense.

Domestic terrorism is serious business. The NSA, DHS, CIA, FBI and other agencies all need to be watching for these threats. But parents, for the most part ought not to be convinced that closely monitoring their child’s mood swings will avoid major terrorist attacks. Parents being driven apart from their children through such divisive manners is a much more serious implication.

“Partnering” with the Federal Government is a one way street. Patriotism and respect for our Incredible History and Capabilities need not be misconstrued into a debt owed to watch out for the National Security. Real threats ought to be watched for. Real threats ought to be reported. Poorly informed decisions should be avoided, especially in this age of extremism by the Government in handling “domestic extremists”.

No one wants another major attack. Whether it comes from inside or outside our borders. But, we must not forget that the Constitution and the regulations in it, are a guide for the Government. They are a framework of protection for the people’s rights. Not the other way around. Follow the rules, teach many good things to you children; instill in them the sense of patriotism and strength. After all, the strength of this nation is in the people who allow it to exist because of their allowance of the governance. Without the people. We have no Government. Without different views, we have no opportunity for improvement. Stop worrying about normal teenage changes, and reporting them to the authorities. Start worrying that you aren’t teaching enough about the incredible history of these United States.

Forget about absurd precautions. Act when necessary, but live your life enjoying these freedoms when such action is not necessary. Take seriously threats; but take seriously also: the overreach of zealous “public servants”.

We are so unique among all population sets. We are the only Country who has been able to survive with our freedoms for this long without major incident. Here’s to the next 225 years in a Republic. Here’s to the idea that Sacrificing freedom for a feeling of safety being a ridiculous notion. Benjamin Franklin said it best: “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

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