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Colonix is effective, but this is the WHOLE Story.

In 2009, I wrote a review about a product called Colonix. I was completely sold on the idea of it and I felt the product delivered on its mission. I never posted the review anywhere, though, as I had plans to save it for a day when it made sense to throw it up on one of my internet properties as an affiliate advertisement.

In Late 2010/early 2011 on the latter end of a long divorce, I realized I had proteinuria; an unidentified kidney and liver issue and a whole bevy of brutal symptoms. Being strapped for cash I couldn’t afford Colonix, though (at the time, about $100 a month), I did indeed want to go back on the program.

My health took a back seat and eventually, this mystery condition morphed into something which dictated my daily life. For nearly 2 and a half years, I had to deal with the effects of this kidney/liver issue, which has yet to be properly diagnosed, except as some symptom related to a mildly fatty liver. In dire need of some relief, I began a ketogenic diet and an exercise regimen. I ended up losing more than 40 lbs. in about 4 months, taking a noticeable strain off of my kidney and liver (at least as I could tell by reduction in symptoms). I reinstated Colonix into my routine this past two months; still convinced it was worth the money (though not a panacea for all that ails you). The price has actually gone down 20% since I originally purchased it, so I see added value now from a pure cost perspective (more on this later).

I’m glad I never posted this review, because you’ll get to see a realistic review of a product which caused me to be euphoric for its effect on me. But more importantly, seeing this review again after so long encourages me and allows me to be more realistic about the Colonix program with edits and additional remarks (at the end of this review). I can step back and try to clarify the benefits while explaining the drawbacks. (I’m still not an affiliate of the company, but I do have an affiliate partnership with Amazon.com. If my content compels you to buy, I’d appreciate that you click through one of the links supplied in the article. Most of all though: I want others to experience what I believe to be a pretty stellar product, albeit not the easiest to use.

A Quirky review on Colonix from my 2009 experience with the Product

A note: I wrote the original review; convinced I had a winning product and wanting to grab some affiliate sales from my enthusiastic review of it.

Clearly, that is one reason I never posted the review-it reeks of over the top hype and affiliate sales cheesiness, though I thoroughly back the content and its accuracy.

My original review of Colonix (February-April 2009):

Have you ever felt bogged down, sluggish and in need of a refresh?

I did. So I started looking at some things that may help me, and to my delight (I am a poop humor enthusiast) I found a website devoted to poop (be warned the Colonix website can be a slightly disturbing and graphic website; if you do go: proceed with caution!). When I first visited, I began to read the most interesting and funny (albeit graphic) testimonials I had ever read. I probably spent 2 hours reading testimonials before I (the consummate consumer) was hooked. I ordered one for me and one for my best friend, who I was sure I would never convince to try the program.

Colonix is an all-natural internal cleansing program designed to clean out old stagnant waste from the internal organs (liver and GI tract), it is designed to do this over a 2-3 month period of time, to avoid the common drawbacks of typical cleanses. If you remember the SNL skit “Colon Blow” you might have an idea of what some of those drawbacks can be. In the skit a commercial plays showing constipated individuals immediately obtaining relief so powerful they are launched like a rocket from the toilet. If you listen to talk radio, you have heard ridiculous claims of a program that can offer the same thing in ten days, “flattening your tummy” and “adding years to your life”. Ridiculous. I’m 29 (remember that this review is from 2009), and I have eaten my fair share of Burgers and processed foods, including stuff that shouldn’t be sold as food, like processed cheese product slices, and saladitos. Nothing that only takes ten days to “cleanse my colon” is putting a dent in the crud I have managed to build up in my intestines, of that I am sure.

A while ago, I decided to start eating healthier. Having a fondness for all things greasy and rich tasting, I realized if I wanted to be around for my kids when they were older, it would be in my best interest to start exploring lifestyle changes at some point in the near future. I began eating a ton more fiber (50+ grams a day; 30+ are recommended but most Americans get less than 15 grams a day), less carbohydrates (the simple form of which metabolizes into stored fat more easily than any other basic food compound), more vegetables (which are actually pretty good if you know how to prepare them correctly), and eating less fat (including cooking less with oils and fats and using leaner meats and cheeses). That, paired with a significant reduction in my sodium intake has after 4 weeks left me wondering why I hadn’t done this before. It is at this moment in time leaning towards a permanent lifestyle change (later, during the stress of a divorce and the sickness that followed, this did not become a reality). I have lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure by over 35% and have lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks. I have more energy than I ever have and I cannot believe the capacity I have when working out compared to before.

*A note: Because of an extreme failure by the medical profession, I started this “health kick”. I was told my blood pressure was an astounding 185/85 by a nurse who was reading my chart for my doctor who was over capacity with other patients. I immediately began researching ways to lower my blood pressure and implemented deep breathing exercises along with a low sodium, high fiber, low-fat, non-processed food diet. It had dramatic positive impacts on my health at the time. It turns out that my blood pressure was only 135/85 that day in the Doctor’s office (attributed to white coat syndrome);the nurse read the number incorrectly. But, It WAS the wakeup call I needed.

Even though I was experiencing great inroads to a healthier me, I was still not fully satisfied with the way I felt…so I picked up what I figured would be at least another way to add some fiber to my diet.

At this point I will warn you that while I will keep it pretty tame, you may not be interested in reading unless you can handle talking about bowel movements and odd things in the toilet.

The Good:

I have more energy, use less toilet paper (I have even experienced the elusive “one wipe-r” many times in the last four weeks), and feel better, physically, than I ever have in my life.

I feel regular, never bloated, and can actually feel the bad things we subject our bodies to when we eat the gut bombs we call pizza and hamburgers. That is: I know when I’m eating something that will cause me to feel like hell; as I’m eating it.

I have less cramping, gas and discomfort than I ever have.

I have very predictable, 2 times a day, bowel movements. Once in the morning; once in the evening.

No matter how hard my body tries to become sick, my immune system will not allow it (in the last two years I have been sick 16 times, which had never been the case before in my life). Two times since I started the Colonix program, I have felt a cold coming on, but it lasts about 2 hours, and then I somehow squash the urge to get sick).

I don’t have as many cravings for salty, greasy or generally mainstream American food.

The Bad:

I have had some cramps intermittently after moving up the servings size scale.

The fiber, while edible, isn’t great tasting.

The smell in the bathroom is unbelievable, much worse than ever before.

I have gone to the bathroom two to three times more often than I ever have in recent years (is that even a bad thing?).

I have had an acne breakout for 24 hours, twice (described as a potential side effect of the cleanse).

I have had dull pain in my liver area on occasion (again described in the literature as a potential side effect).

The Ugly:

I will direct you to the website testimonials section for this one. I will warn you once again it can get crass and disturbing. But if you can’t handle a little bit of cold hard truth, you probably would have left before you got to the third sentence of this post.

I will state however, that while I haven’t experienced any of the alien like bowel movements that some users describe on the website, there is a lot of truth in some of the testimonial posts there. The things you will be removing from your body will both surprise and bother you. It is amazing the things you will see if you choose to look. (Notice I’ve pushed you towards the Dr Natura/Colonix website several times. This is because, while I would love to get a commission for you buying through my link; I do prefer that you know what you are buying and can see what originally sold me on the product-which oddly enough, was poop. I really do believe that this product works.)

All in all Colonix is well worth my money. In 4 weeks I have felt better than ever in my life, and it isn’t all just about diet and lifestyle change, because I can feel my body being cleansed in a way. It’s not the best tasting stuff in the world, but the bitter pill I swallowed to make this kind of progress possible is well worth the gag reflex. I am a believer.

This program is for anyone who hates going to the doctor because they are afraid of what might be discovered. It’s for those people that constantly visit the doctor because they are, or think they are sick. This program is for the overweight guy who hangs out at the pub who knows he still wants a third in-and-out burger, and another three beers.

It will work, in my opinion for the person who has changed their lifestyle and still wants to get rid of the remaining 10-12 pounds they are carrying in their intestines. This program works, but you can’t half-ass it, it’s all or nothing. You will absolutely see changes in your body even as early as the 1st week. I saw results my second day, but the results I see each day as I progress are unreal, truly inspiring.

Oh and it tastes a lot better when you mix it with pineapple juice.

End of Original review; certain notes were added as I posted this in March 2013-they are highlighted by italics above.

A Second review in March 2013 for Colonix

Now for the hindsight review of Colonix:

Firstly, the Colonix program is best with grapefruit juice; somehow the bitterness of the grapefruit juice is neutralized by the fiber and the fiber’s poor taste is lessened by the grapefruit juice. Generally speaking (aside from pineapple juice), the sweeter the juice, the worse it tastes.

Colonix works. But if I ended the story here, I’d feel bad, because the whole story is much more inclusive.

Colonix works, when you do it for a long time. It took me over 7 weeks to start seeing actual benefit (aside from more frequent bowel movements); this is something that most people won’t be able to handle and it can get expensive if you plan on doing it for a long time. I recommend 90 days of the program in a row because it will get you the best use of the product. The very first time I took it, I spent only 30 days on the product and got no real benefit out of Colonix. I left this out of the original review because I read several different places that the product was intended for longer-term use. After committing to 90 days of the colon cleansing program, I realized it was worth it.

It will take a legitimate commitment by you, to get the pronounced benefits from Colonix.

I also would caution against overusing the Kleri-tea portion of the kit (by the way ONLY buy the kit, the Paranil and Kleri-tea are important pieces in the puzzle) as senna based products lose their efficacy quickly and can actually have a detrimental effect. I use senna tea only 2-4 days at a time with a significant break in between and only as necessary. It has always served me well. In fact, as I write this I am actually drinking the Kleri-tea from 2009 (it’s still potent, still fresh and still tastes very good). There WERE warnings in the Colonix literature against using the Kleri-tea more than 5 days in a row, but I’m sure the warnings DO NOT still exist in the packaging. They now say you can use the tea for 30 days in a row-I would seriously caution against this.

Use level scoops because the product will run out prematurely if you don’t. They said (2009) to use heaping scoops, but I ran out about day 26 for each bottle if I did this. Now the packaging says use a single scoop.

Expect horrible, explosive diarrhea with the worst gas you have ever had the first 48 hours. Now, bear in mind I went from about 50 grams of fiber a day to about 60 (I estimate the total intake with Colonix to be about 10-ish grams of fiber or so, with a heaping scoop), and I STILL had horrible gas, discomfort and explosive diarrhea. Heed their caution to gradually increase fiber.

I’ll point out too: my fiber intake did not have nearly the impact that Colonix did on my intestinal tract or on my colon cleansing. For some reason, the colonix had a dramatic impact on my bowel movements despite being only about 20% of my total fiber intake.

Expect to get rid of some toxins and try to avoid heavy greasy foods and red meat, which take longer to digest and contribute to increased discomfort.

About day 12, I was fully integrated into the program (it only took until day 6 to feel back to normal) and was well into the rhythm of the cleanse, making it a normal part of my day. I never once used a blender and still felt that the stuff was drinkable with the two juices I listed above. Try using a Mason Jar with a tight fitting metal lid combination and shake to stir.

The point with Colonix is that you must stay focused, must not miss a serving, and must pay attention to your body. You can expect excellent results but it will require an incredible commitment to the product and the lifestyle for at least 90 days. I would even estimate that it would take about three cleanse cycles to really see a long-term benefit from the product/ Remember, it’s taken 25; 30; 45; 50 years to impact that bad food into the walls of your colon and intestine, it’s not going to come out without a fight.

Colonix is not a miracle cure, but it CAN and WILL make you feel better than you have been and give you a bunch more energy and much less lethargy.

Colonix Review for March and April 2014

Here I am, right where the third paragraph above said I was: Taking Colonix again, after losing 40 lbs. and trying to get healthy with a mystery kidney/liver issue.

To clarify: I have never believed I had a problem with either my kidney or my liver. But my doctors defaulted to this “diagnosis” in absence of an actual diagnosis. They assumed the proteinuria was from a mildly fatty liver, due to being a bit heavier than I have been in the past. Hence, the reasons for a diet, lifestyle changes and a reintroduction to Colonix cleansing.

I started 2 months ago; this is the third full cycle of Colonix I have done, and this time there are some differences.

Most importantly, the cleanse protocols I am engaged in are different. I did not buy the KIT this time at first. Instead, since it had been a long time since my last encounter with Colonix, I bought ONLY the fiber and took two bottles prior to starting with the KIT, including the Paranil and Kleri-Tea.

Which brigns up the second part; a drastic change. COlonix is more mainstream now. It is not nearly as potent as it once was. It does not cause the saem type of horrific bowel movements and major impacts as it once did within 48 hours.

Colonix is roughly twice as much (cost wise) as it was for the saem impact as I experienced in 2009. It would take two serings a day to match that type of cleanse, and therefore it costs more.

This is not necessarily a drawback. I felt underserved the first month or so, and I chose to double my intake. Please remember I am used to eating high fiber. This fact may be contributing to the apparent lack of potency.

I chose to take two bottles worth in the month prior to this last 15 day period. 15 more days of the KIT (Colonix + Paranil + Kleri-Tea) and then I will end with 2 servings a day of COlonix, plus the “Toxin-Out” KIT.

I’m 45 days into the program and I can echo my previous commentary. This time, I am piggybacking a large weight loss, to my lowest weight in over 5 years, so that must be affecting my general sense of well-being and increased comfort. I am training for a 70.3 Triathlon (though that is admittedly a long ways out) and I eat at a 2000 calorie level with moderate exercise each day. I eat balanced meals, but eat mostly roughage for lunch, usually raw broccoli or blueberries and kale. I use a “magic bullet style coffee” in the morning and I eat a large dinner, around 830p a couple hours before bed.

I bike and run, play tennis and swim in preparation for that Half Ironman Triathlon.

The quality is still very high on the Colonix; it is very good stuff. I see results, but it does tend to hold extra weight inside you until you have a movement. The fiber is noticeably more spongy and gelatinous than previous iterations. It tastes about 100 times better than before with a definitive banana flavor. I drink it with water only, now.

As a side note, I also use the following supplements in addition to Colonix: Amazing Grass Superfood with 40,000 ORAC and Amazing grass Wheatgrass powder. Additionally, because I’m training for a triathlon with high impact exercises, I take Hydroplenish (a collagen based hybrid with hyaluronic acid and MSM) in hopes that it is helping with potential joint pain.

I cannot definitively say that these additional supplements don’t also contribute towards the benefits I am seeing.

Dr. Natura Colonix brand Colon Cleansing Products DO work, but you must be an informed user.

My conclusion is this: Colonix does work. It’s current iteration is more friendly for a larger group of the population than ever before, but understand that this cleanse is designed to be more gentle than it is designed to expressly flush out toxins and waste immediately, per se.

If you are thinking about Colonix, do it, but commit to it for 2 months at least. If you are undecided, feel free to ask me a question via Private Direct message on TWITTER or via EMAIL (which sometimes does not reach me due to spam filters). Commenting on this blog post is also a good way to reach me.

Dr. Natura Colonix Advanced Internal Cleansing Program

If you feel like you’ve gotten value out of my post, feel free to use my affiliate link to buy the products.

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