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April 6, 2014
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In depth Book Reviews on the best books to read

Our Best Books to Read List…and Links to Our Reviews

The list that follows is an ever-expanding list of the best books to read, regardless of which genres you prefer. There is a significant tilt towards non-fiction books, specifically History, Technology, Politics, Psychology and a host of other more “practical” offerings. This is an aggregate list, showing only summary reviews highlighting very generic review topics. To find detailed information on a book you feel you might be interested in, click on the heading that includes the name of the book. Such a click through will lead you to a page devoted to the detail of the review.

A note: the detailed reviews can often contain spoilers in an effort to most completely review the books. This is a major reason why we lean towards non-fiction; where an exceptional fiction book has presented itself, we make a major effort to speak in generalizations rather than specifics to avoid taking away from plot points and story highlights.

The beauty of this specific best books to read list, is you get a real feel for the book from someone who reads and re-reads the book often. In some cases, these books have been listened to in their entirety over 500 times and read ten to twenty times. This can offer a practical insight and an in-depth connection to the application of the material contained within the book. Generally speaking, the authors that write books that are on this list are followed by the reviewer. That means that each book written by the author is purchased immediately as it is released and the library of reviews and writers increases in lockstep.

We invite you to comment, share, ask questions or suggest corrections on any of the reviews or any of the small summaries on this page.

Yes, there are links to buy the books. There is an advertisement to sign up for audible. Often times there will be multiple purchase options for the book. You have the right not to click these links and buy through our affiliate portals. We would love to see you purchase through these links if you find value in our reviews or the list. We won’t cry if you don’t. We’re glad you’re here either way.

In depth Book Reviews on the best books to read

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