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April 16, 2014
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April 17, 2014

On the subject of the 2016 Presidential Election: the GOP, hand in hand with several polls are working towards pushing very moderate candidates in the media. Chris Christie and Jeb Bush are men who shouldn’t be considered, if the GOP is to win far right voters; not to mention follow through on their goals of combating the progressive agenda.

Today, a Fox News Poll showed Bush and Christie among the top three candidates for GOP in the 2016 Race.

Based on voting record and social policy views, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are only barely more conservative than the most liberal candidates on the other side of the aisle. Yes, I said “most liberal”, not “most moderate”. The fact is this: the candidates on both sides whose names are dotting the headlines currently are ALL progressives, compared to even previous politicians, like, say, John F. Kennedy.

Aside from that, am I the only person on the planet that knows a Clinton beats a Bush every time? Does Jeb Bush really want to lose to Hillary? Because that is a foregone conclusion. Let’s be honest: Hillary is running unless she gets very sick and/or a major scandal breaks. You can rest assured that will be downplayed by the media.

The media has been grooming Hillary Clinton since the 1960’s. There was a 1969 puff piece on the progressive Hillary Clinton and her journey towards the light of Progressive ideology during her time at Wellesley College. It even claimed her parents were: “politically conservative”. Sure, anyone was politically conservative in 1969, compared to the moderates of today. It doesn’t take mush manipulation to make a liberal out of a “conservative” these days.

But what does this mean for the 2016 Presidential Race? It means, the GOP and any other party that plans to have some showing, will essentially have the largest fight in history to re-define themselves with the media having already defined them while they stood around and let it happen. Furthermore, when Hillary runs for POTUS, you can rest assured there won’t be many negative pieces about her.

The only way ANY party can win against Hillary, is to put up a contender so polar opposite to her, that there can be no fudging of the lines upon which the contender stands on issues. Jeb Bush isn’t going to cut it. Chris Christie IS EFFECTIVELY Hillary Clinton, except a bit heavier, a male and a Governor who people already have problems with. Rand Paul on the other hand might be able to make it a legitimate battle against a candidate like Hillary Clinton. He’s relatively well accepted by the progressive left still in college. He’s got an excellent mentor in his father, who also has a way of endearing youth to the cause. He also isn’t as far right so as to exclude him from many moderates. From the other angle: if he can win the nomination, the Right and the moderate conservatives will vote for him on the simple basis that he IS NOT Hillary Clinton.

Guys like Ted Cruz have an uphill battle. Marco Rubio didn’t recover well from his water sipping incident at the State of the Union response, which leaves his ability to be flexible up in the air. Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker are excellent GOP candidates but head states that aren’t nearly as purple or blue as they need to be to prove they can win the public opinion war in a much tougher campaign. Bobby Jindal is already being smeared in the press, especially in the blogosphere, where his “approval ratings problems” are highlighted frequently, even if the data collected is dubious at best.

Here’s the point: Someone has to get their act together if they plan on running for President in 2016, because the Hillary bandwagon has been built and ready since late 2006. That’s not going to be easy to beat. Additionally, whoever thinks they are fooling the conservative population with these ridiculous candidates being bandied about (e.g. Jeb Bush, Chris Christie) needs to get a reality check.

The ONLY reason guys like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie get media air time, is because the progressive media WANTS them to run for President. If THEY run, then new records for popular vote will be registered by Mrs. Clinton in 2016. These guys are easily defeated on the National stage, so why not prop them up? It’s propaganda at its finest. Marketing at its finest. The Presidential Election for 2016 is strategy by the Left, at its finest.

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