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April 11, 2014
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April 11, 2014

Safeway, Inc. (Vons, Pavllions, Safeway, Tom Thumb, Randalls. Carrs Stores) received the award of Distiguished Service by MOAA today and is, what can only be called, a deserving recipient of the award.

MOAA is the Military Officers Association of America, has a large presence of active duty Military members (some nearly 400,000 members).

The Distinguished Service award is given to those organizations or individuals who show their support of the uniformed services. Safeway, Inc. has a history of offering employment to a wide swath of Military Reserve members and Veterans. Additionally, the company encourages veterans support donations (most notably through its more than $2.5 million dollars in donations to groups like Wounded Warrior Project).

There are nearly 4000 veterans and Reserve and Guard employees also employed by Safeway and they have already committed to hiring another 1400+ members over the next year. Safeway has been covering pay gap disparity for over a decade and has leadership specific programs in place for NCO’s and Junior Military Officers which gives opportunity to those enrolled to work through the management ladder.

Care package programs for active duty military is another way this organization helps out our American Heroes.

It’s inspiring when we see corporate sponsors of charitable and just plain good programs like these. it gives me a renewed sense of faith in the corporate world and reminds me of just one more reason I already shop at places like those in the Safeway portfolio.

Whatever we can do for our veterans and our active duty we should be doing. Our Guard and Reserve Forces are also incredibly important to the maintenance of our freedom and our power as a society. These men and women, in all facets of the armed forces deserve to be honored; and when a company takes care of them like this company has, they too, deserved to be honored for it. This is an excellent choice by MOAA for this reward.

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