Improvement through hard work and outstanding regard for others.

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General Topics and Information about POTUS

This website is a general topic website. Sure, any marketer worth their salt will tell you: it doesn’t make sense to try to optimize for such general purpose words with a site that has no niche focus. I’m a marketer and eventually I believe this site will perform quite well in a host of different general terms. To prove it’s possible, I’ll do my best to avoid getting too niche on any one keyword or focus. That comes with a single caveat: I’m very interested in the Office of the Presidency. POTUS (President of the United States) is a position that has always enthralled me and given me a set of role models (though many would laugh at my calling some of our former Presidents “role models”) to look to for inspiration and leadership. I will definitely have a huge amount of content specific to the United States President; current, former, and future. I will talk a lot about the concepts in the Constitution and those which surfaced at or near the beginning of this great Nation. It’s just something I am very passionate about and something I believe all Americans (and many outside of America) can learn something from. I look to the Leader of the Free World as someone whose position and power and influence can ultimately be spun as invaluable to those who want to learn. Mistakes and poor choices made by Presidents of these United States; power plays, politicking and even some criminal activity offers a unique insight into the dichotomy that is the American life. On this website you will hear constant reference to the Office of the Presidency, the founding Principles of this Country and the ways we as human beings can maintain the freedoms fought for and died for by those great men and women before us. I invite you to join me on my journey as I try to prove my marketing prowess with this general purpose website. Please comment, share if you get value from the content and engage with me to ultimately improve your life and mine. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.[/text_output][tab_nav type=”five-up” float=”none”][tab_nav_item title=”Politics and POTUS”][tab_nav_item title=”Personal Development”][tab_nav_item title=”Health + Lifestyle”][tab_nav_item title=”Military + Tech + Guns”][tab_nav_item title=”Business + Marketing”][/tab_nav]

My Fellow Americans, on benjaminworthen.com you will find the culmination of life experiences, the process of continuous development and improvement and the new frontiers that life brings. It’s One man’s journey to becoming the person and the leader he wants to be. But it is also a showcase for things that excite me, move me and change me. You will find a vast resource on the subject of Politics. More than that you will find an unconditional love for the founding principles of this Incredible Country. You will find a resource and an exploration devoted to the Constitution of the United States. In this web space, you will find commentary on the most pertinent political topics of our time; the impact of the Constitution of the United States on each American’s Life and an unexpected dearth of knowledge about the Office of the President, the History of these United States. You will hear about the topics that threaten to remove the protections of this Constitution over our God Given, Natural Rights, secured to us through birth, Protected at their roots by this document and strengthened by our own resolve to keep these rights. As Benjamin Franklin said in two moments of brilliance (of which he was blessed with a frequency): “We have given you a Republic, If you can Keep it.” And “Where Freedom Dwells, THERE is MY Country.” The time to connect with these principles is now, the starting point is here. Welcome. “Give me your tired, your poor, 
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, 
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. 
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: 
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”
I consider the world to be a place for betterment. Personal development, for the purpose of helping to develop the human family. Personal development to enhance your enjoyment of the things and people and places which surround you. This is about learning and experiencing and building a legacy. You will find frank discussion on personal development projects and how it might apply to you and your unique scenario. This site will cover Education as an adult and the future of the education of the youth of this country. As we sit astride a growing gap between the goals of our Country’s individual young people, and the educational system tasked with helping them become strong capable members of society, I will be here, delivering content. Life Hacking. Essentially rewiring your mind and body for optimum efficiency, without fundamentally changing the way you function. Ways to improve your absorption of information and the way you apply learned content to your real time interactions and life. I also have a penchant for trivia. I like repetition for learning and I love new innovative ways to retain knowledge. You are going to get all the science and practical methodology behind my personal educational journey.
Health and Fitness are passions of mine specifically because I am fascinated by the capability of the human body when operating at peak efficiency. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no pro athlete, but I have always enjoyed setting improbable and difficult goals for myself to stretch the limitations of my body. This is an exploration on the physical constraints of the human body and ways to maximize efficiency. Your mileage may vary, but generally speaking, you might be able to grab some insight to small improvements that you can likely put into play in your own life. This isn’t the rah-rah fitness instructor concept; rather it’s about understanding the reasons behind an ideology and proving whether or not there is a factual basis behind it. I recently committed myself to competing in a 70.3 (a Half Ironman event). I will put a significant among of content on this website regarding pushing mental and emotional boundaries within the container of attempting to achieve optimum fitness. I will talk little about sports, but much about personal records. I will talk about Running, Cycling, Swimming, Tennis, Soccer and a few other sports, including fitness specific events and obstacle course racing. Additionally: Diet, lifestyle and technological breakthroughs within this spectrum. As a final note for this space: I will also take it easy and play as hard as I train. I enjoy great food, including but not limited to Michelin rated restaurant dining and other high end experiential situations where enjoyment is the focus.
Military, Technology and Guns are seemingly a bit out of place on a blog more dedicated to the aforementioned topics, but there is a connection. Firstly, I am one of the most deeply patriotic people on this planet. That isn’t to say there aren’t people as patriotic or grateful for this Country and its ideals, but I can match their feelings of pride and patriotism. I love the Men and Women of this country’s military. The idea that someone who does not know me, is willing to sacrifice all to do their part to protect my freedom and your freedom is exceptionally humbling. Because of this I will talk a lot about veterans, veterans help and rehabilitation, and how to do your part and mine to honor these great Americans. Secondly: I grew up as a gunsmith, for the last 20 years or so, I have considered myself a relatively talented gunsmith and gun industry consultant. It’s a passion of mine to help retain our Second Amendment rights; a contextual representation that puts a pen to the natural born right to freedom and liberty. I believe in gun safety and responsibility, but I also believe that the First Amendment represents the ideology of our rights, and the Second Amendment ensures no one can ever take those rights away. I am a strong supporter of liberty and of self-protection of our God given rights. Thirdly, Technology is awe-inspiring. I love seeing my world change before my eyes. Seeing a baby breathing while still in its mother’s womb, or a deaf woman hearing for the first time. These are among the most important events in the human realm. Technology makes this possible and I want to be talking about technology and learning what there is to learn.
Business and Marketing consumes a large part of my day. I work in the Marketing field with huge marketing successes across the board for multiple fortune 500 companies and with regional firms specializing in the Firearms, Insurance, Food, Financial Planning and Furniture industries. This isn’t a resume, but it’s important that you know that I am living and breathing marketing and business management. I am constantly at the leading edge of the industry and you will get to see some of the concepts as they make sense to present them. This will include content in internet marketing, content marketing, traditional marketing concepts, advertising and analysis work for the newest trends. Additionally, there will be some insights to day to day business management from a content perspective.  There will be a lot of discussion regarding SEO and SEM (search engine optimization and search engine marketing), though this will NOT be a blog solely devoted to those themes, as much as they interest me. For a final note: This website is about me. But not in the sense that I’m only selfishly writing for me and my ego; it’s about telling my story to hopefully provide a catalyst for you to improve on what you’re doing. I want to improve. I want to support improvement in others. I like to live my life with this motto in the background: “Improvement Through Hard Work and Outstanding Regard for Others.”

Lastly: I am a Christian, but not unrealistically so. I believe each human has the right to choose what they believe, but I also know that with choice comes responsibility and you cannot always have it both ways. I will talk about God. I will lean towards Christian views, but please, if and when you disagree with me, engage me at a human level and let’s talk like sensible adults. I will not be defined by what you think I am based on a label you think applies to me. I will be defined by my character and my ability to live the way that I present myself to be.

Dr. Martin Luther King said this: “I judge a man by his own principles, not by my own.” Wiser words regarding the fostering of relationships where fundamental differences might be present, were never spoken.


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